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Skin Type Sunburn Danger Tanning Protection
Reddish Hair Light Coloured Eyes Very Light Complexion often with freckles Extremely sensitive immediate sunburn 2% of central Europeans Tans very slowly if at all Natural Protection 5 - 10 minutes
Blond to Brown Hair Blue, Green or Grey Eyes Light Complexion often with freckles Sensitive Almost always Sunburn 12% of central Europeans Light Tan Natural Protection 10 - 20 minutes
Dark Blonde or Chestnut Hair Grey or Brown Eyes Medium Complexion Very few or No freckles Normal Sensitivity, Sometimes Sunburn 78% of central Europeans Good Tan, provided the skin is exposed to the sun step by step Natural Protection 20 - 30 minutes
Dark Brown or Black Hair Dark coloured Eyes Brown or Olive Complexion No Freckles Very resistant, seldom sunburn 8% of central Europeans Always Brown Natural Protection approx. 45 minutes